Season 3 is now filming in liverpool, UK. So far there are 2 known new characters, Willow Jenks, played by Louisa Conelly-Burnham, and KT Rush, played by Alex Shipp. In season 3, KT will be teaming up with eddie and Sibuna to fight off an evil curse. Its teachers against Sibuna.

07/28/2012 9:52am

Nina is leaving, but the eye of horus necklace is the key and it only works for her. Also, how will Nina leave in season 3, kidnapped, killed, going back home, or replaced? Will Fabina stay strong when Nina leaves or separate?

12/26/2012 5:59pm

Nina will be leaving by going back home to America with grams and Fabina, well now that nina is gone Joy is taking all the chances she gets to get with Fabian


If Nina leaves, I think that she will be kidnapped. And yes Nina can work the locket but what about Eddie??? He might be able to work the locket too. If and or when Nina leaves, I think Fabian will try to keep Fabina strong, but end up falling for either Willow, KT, or Joy. Hopefully Fabina will stay strong but we all know M&M couldnt.


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